Teaching Philosophy

I believe that…

Education should be wide spread. While each person in many countries receive an education, many of them don’t have the opportunity to take their learning beyond the classroom due to factors that are beyond my control. Regardless, education should be something that everyone has access to.

Everybody should be able to feel success. While never failing is equally unmotivating as never feeling success, nobody should ever have to only suffer through one extreme. Each child should be able to feel that they are good at something and they should be encouraged to continue, because educators are sometimes the only support a child receives.

Children are the most important bodies we have. Children are the ones who are going to care for many of us in old age, they are the ones who are going to be running our society one day. We should be dedicating time to creating people whom could be trusted with the well being of our world.

As teachers, we should be striving to give each child what they need to be successful, and should only be comparing them to themselves because each person is different and develops in their own ways.