Mentoring and my Experiences

Because I took EDTC300 last semester with a different professor I was slightly scared of the idea of mentoring students in a class that was vastly different from what I had just taken. But I jumped right in and had a great group to work with.

The first thing I did after finding out who I was to mentor this semester was jump on Slack and create a group chat where I introduced myself and asked for their blog addresses so that I could have them on hand to comment on and see what they were up to each week. Slack worked great because I knew they were all on it and it allowed them to have direct contact with me whenever they needed. After they introduced themselves I became more intimidated as two of my three mentees were in their fourth year, I was like “how am I supposed to help someone who has more experience then I do?? This is going to be something good…” But my experience was far better then what I had anticipated.

Garrett had quiet an active blog and it was easy to compliment him on what he was doing. And I mean wow he learnt a language through out a semester!!

Kennedy had a very engaging and active blog that was lots of fun to read. At first most of the feedback I gave her was to improve the way her blog looked as it had a weird colour combination that I found very hard to read. I loved seeing what she would post on Twitter and finding out what she was up to each week.

Lastly Jonah had a great blog that was set up quite well, and all of his posts were really engaging and fun to see his growth each week as he did a lot of vlogs.

I didn’t really find that I had challenges because all three people that I worked with were great and didn’t need much help along the way. I was so happy when I would see that they had taken my advice from last weeks comment and changed what they did the next week when they posted, or would change up something about their blog to make it more user friendly. I liked looking in each week and seeing the vast improvements that they had made each week, it made me happy to see them doing good each and every week. Their honesty that they showed each week was tremendous, I so felt for them during midterm season its hard to do things for fun then when you are burning so much on school.

If I ever taught an online class I would totally use Slack, it made everything so easy. Although I would find my method of keeping all their blogs open on one page very tedious and not great when I was trying to find their most recent posts and this would be far worse with more then 3 students, I would have to find a better method. But it worked with just 3 people because it kept them all in one place.

I had a great time reading what they shared on their blogs every week, and seeing some of what they had to share on Twitter! These three are super stars and I have been able to learn from them, probably more then they learnt from me. I kept a Mentor log of all my comments on their blogs so that you can see what I have done. I am so grateful to have had such a great group to mentor this semester, they taught me a lot that will help in my future.


2 Replies to “Mentoring and my Experiences”

  1. Thanks for sharing our mentorship experiences Raeanne! I often felt the same way as my mentees were very tech savvy and often didn’t need assistance. But I think even creating an environment, such as a group chat, shows initiative and that you were willing to assist your mentees if they ever did. Have a wonderful rest of your semester Raeann!


  2. Hi Raeann,

    I like that you presented the differences between each of your mentees and the challenges and/or achievements that they experienced. Although two of your mentees were in their fourth year, your experiences from #edtc300 (weather or not it was from a different prof) would have worked to your benefit. I am happy to hear that everything went well for you guys!

    Thanks for sharing your experience!


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