Cellphones, do they have a place in the classroom?

This week we debated if cell phones should be in a classroom. Our pre-debate vote showed that 50% of our class though cellphones were best suited in high school classrooms only.

And through the points that Cody, Kendall and Tiana brought to our attention through the debate our class shifted even more so into the belief that cell phones only belong in high school settings.

An article provided to us by Kendall, Distracting, disrespectful side to cell phones in class talks about how when students use cell phones in the classroom they “lose out on what is going on in the classroom around them.” Often what is going on around them is some form of socialization that is important to children development. And children having a cell phone at a young age they lose out on so much of what is around them. Children should be focusing on what is around them because this is how they learn so many things.

side rant: can someone explain to me why a child who is in grade ONE would need a cell phone? From my perspective they have ZERO reason to have one, especially since this child comes to daycare where we walk them to school and pick them up after school, they do not have a single moment in their day where they are not monitored by an educator or parent. Said child had a better phone and plan then I did, she was 5 at the time…             End rant.

Another article A Blanket Ban on Cellphones in Class Would Not Be Smart stated that Smartphones are powerful technology that we have put in the hands of our children. We have a responsibility to teach them how to use it wisely. Schools need to play their part.” arguing that we should never ban cell phones in any classroom but rather that we have to teach students to use cell phones in an appropriate manner. But at the same time that article was also saying that we shouldn’t allow students to have cell phones until about grade 5 because this is the age where most students seem to get cell phones.

Lastly an article titled Adventures with Cell Phones gives a brief overview of how a teacher might use cell phones in a classroom to create an engaging lesson where the students are allowed to use their phones to create and submit their work to. This is a great idea, but what would the students who don’t have access to the technology do to keep up in this class that is asking a lot of them in terms of the ways that they are to use technology? It’s great for higher grades where you know that most of the students will have a phone but to do activities like these they would require a smart phone, which in the case of some families is out of their price range for their child.

To be honest I am not quiet totally of this mind set that only high school students should have cell phones. I do believe that there is a time and a place for a cell phone in most classrooms, but they need to be used in a way that encourages learning. Cell phones do have to be put under some sort of regulations when we have them in classrooms and we CANNOT have them all the time. There are so many variables for us to consider when we want to use a cell phone in the classroom.


One Reply to “Cellphones, do they have a place in the classroom?”

  1. Raeann,

    In response to your “rant”, I am totally with you! It blows my mind to hear and see these young students who have cellphones already. Children in grade one are just beginning to learn how to read so to put something that is as big of a responsibility as a cellphone in their hands seems insane to me! Maybe someone else will be able to provide us with some benefits to giving students cellphones at such young ages? I for one don’t think that there is many. This is something I will likely be addressing in my debate in a few weeks around social media use and childhood!

    In response to your blog post as a whole, I agree that there was many great points made and so many different factors to take into consideration. I think that there is a time and a place for cellphones in the classroom once students are responsible enough and have learnt how to use the appropriately. With this being said, I think having students go from middle school where no phones are allowed and then into high school where they are is a bit of a fast transition. Perhaps we could start teaching children in middle school about appropriate cellphone use by allowing them to some extent? Of course, there are regulations that would need to be put into place.

    Thanks for your honesty and sharing!


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