Can we help when it comes to technology?

Upon looking at even just the titles of the various reading that we did for EDTC400 this week left me with many questions. Was the internet made to make us feel alone in a space full of people? Is technology helping in the classroom? Can we still talk to each other face-to-face?

After listening to “Connected, but still alone” by Sherry Turkle, I am left to ponder if young people especially actually can have conversations with one another, or if we have simply become good at pretending to talk to one another through technology. We have a desire to feel connected to each other but we don’t want to deal with the burden of being connected to someone, seems utterly problematic to me. How can I prevent this from happening to my students, who by the time they get to me will already have such a connection to their device that they will be dependant on it? I don’t think I can prevent this problem, because students will already be facing it. Turkle give the example during her talk that a hospital has implemented robot

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babies that are supposed to help people who are grieving a loss. It helps by letting the parents work through they emotions and the ‘baby’ follows their actions. But is this really helping the parents? Or are they now bonding with the baby that could always be their baby? To me this is a great theory, but seems to be causing some issues that could be more problematic.

Causing issues that could be more problematic seems to be a theme throughout the articles. Giving children in Ethiopia tablets, doesn’t solve their problem of not having a good education. It gives them the option to teach themselves, but what other lessons are they missing when they don’t have a teacher? Especially of those children choose to ONLY play on their tablet.  To me this hasn’t solved any problems, it has just created bigger ones that are going to have a ripple effect. Much like giving a young child a cell phone creates a ripple effect that can be seen following them for years.

As teachers I think that it is our job to address the many issues that come into account when we see a rise in the ways that students use their technology. It is also up to us to ensure that from a young age children are able to understand what it means to be safe on the internet so that we might create students who know the implications of poor choices online.


4 Replies to “Can we help when it comes to technology?”

  1. This was a great blog post that came from an interesting perspective! I agree with you, that technology has caused many problems. I also found it very interesting when you discussed the robotic babies, I feel like the program had good intentions to allow families to grieve their lost young, however, I can also see how it could be very problematic for new family’s well being! Thanks for sharing your perspective it was a very good blog post!

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  2. Hi Raeann! I think that you raise some excellent points about how technology is starting seem like it causes more issue than it resolves. I know that this week in EDTC 400 really opened my eyes to the many negative aspects of technology and how we as future educators are going to have no choice but to deal with these issues head on! I completely agree with you that one of our biggest responsibilities is to ensure that children have an understanding of what it means to use technology and the internet. I think these are issues we often tend to sweep under the rug and that doesn’t benefit anyone! Great post!


  3. Raeann, you raised some very interesting points throughout your blog post. I have never heard of robotic babies- so that part was especially interesting to me. I think that you and Lauren have the right idea that it is our responsibility to educate students about how to use technology and think critically about the choices we make while using it (I am seeing that this same thought has resulted from numerous peer’s blog posts this week). Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the upcoming weeks!


  4. Hi Reanna,
    I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one that left this weeks lecture with questions. Katia did an excellent job of drawing our attention to some of the alarming issues with digital technology. I also liked that you pointed out how students will be dependant on devices prior to entering our classrooms. I agree that it may be a challenge, but staying aware of problems with technology as they arise and drawing awareness to them in our classrooms will be one way of ensuring our students know how to stay safe online.


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