Who am I online?

When I first read the prompt provided for us for EDTC400 I thought to myself that everything that I have on my social medias is nothing that I would be ashamed of if someone saw it. So naturally the first thing that I did was open Microsoft Edge ( a browser that I hardly ever use) and searched my name. The first thing on the list was my blog, this surprised me because I didn’t realize that many people had visited my blog enough for it to pop up as the first thing that appears when I search me name.  Other things that showed up included a Prezi that I made in grade 11, some of the results from the SDA (Saskatchewan Drama Association) Regional results from 2013, more blog posts, some newsletters from the school I went to were my name was mentioned, and the obituaries of some of my grandparents. I was floored, because every other time I’ve searched my name most of what popped up hasn’t even been related to me, and this time the first 9 results were all of me.

Anyone else searched their name before??

After I finished my search I thought I would go look through my social medias. I opened my Facebook and there I saw various photos that I had taken and posted form the many family trips that I have taken, and birthday wishes from all my friends, and a few random posts that I had made back in high school that are like some weird inside joke that doesn’t make much sense now, but if you are not my friend there is very little that you can see. So I switched to Instagram, its a lot of photos of me with my partner, travelling photos and quotes. But if I have not given you permission to see what I have posted you cannot see any of the photos that I have shared. As far as Twitter goes, I have not had it very long so I know that everything that I have tweeted and shared is related to education and technology.

Photo Credit:Salm3nFlickr viaCompfightcc

Overall, I think that my digital identity is sending a message that I am a good person who is rounded enough to teach those around me in ways which they will learn. There is nothing in my digital identity that I fell ashamed of. In fact from the moment I made all my social media accounts I have been aware of what I have been posting and what it might say about me. I don’t want those who don’t know me well to be able to make a bad impression of me from my social medias, and honestly I don’t think that you could.

If I could better my digital identity, I would start my fixing the appearance of my blog, it’s setup very bland and doesn’t really say to much about me. My blog is honestly just posts that I have made for education classes, and I would like to jazz it up and make into something that I could use as an e-Portfolio. As far as my social medias go it don’t want to change what I am doing, because I believe that it says good things about me. I want to keep going and sharing things that my digital identity flourish and make it hard to have a bad impression from what you see on my medias.



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