“My Read” of the World

My upbringing shaped my read on the world in many ways, because I grew up in on a farm and wasn’t exposed to many other perspective in my youth. This Shaped my view of the world, because I was never exposed to other people, even my teachers were mostly from the community, there were no people of colour or people with different religious beliefs. There were only people who were like me within my community. Due to my read of the world it causes me to bring in biases and lenses that point out when people are different, they cause me to create walls when I don’t want to hear something, and these biases and lenses cause me to become upset and angry when things aren’t going my way. I’ve been working very hard to unlearn and work against these biases over the last two years being in University. This work has included questioning why I feel the way I do about things that make me uncomfortable. So when something makes me uncomfortable i ask myself why I feel this way and if there is a way that I can change my feelings about the topic of discomfort.

In my schooling the single story that was present was the White, Male, privilaged person story. We didn’t see much of other cultures, we didn’t see people who lived without privilage. We just didn’t, it wasn’t a problem at home  so it wasn’t something that was pointed out in school.


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