What babies?

In my schooling is saw citizenship education in the form of personally responsible citizens and participatory citizens. These types were shown in socila classes learning about government and learning that we should be voting and through the schools involvement with food drives, clothing drives, and other events like that which show you that there is a problem in the world and that we need to help the problem but not going further to challenge and fix the problem that is being looked at. These two types of citizens were also seen in wellness and PE class as students were required to complete volunteer hours for the community. Although these citizens were never encouraged to question and fix the problems that they are volunteering to help with, they were simply there to get things done and go no further.

This type of curriculum makes it impossible for students to desire those further critical thinking skills that are going to change the world. Because they don’t have a grade associated and therefore students won’t do it. Why go the extra mile to see where the babies are coming from when you can stand here and remove the babies without a problem?


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