Cultural Views of Numbers

Thinking back to my experiences with math in school, I never personally felt discriminated against in the class because math was my thing. Although I did see other students getting oppressed and discriminated subtly in the class, because they didn’t learn the same way that the teachers taught the class.

I was one of the first classes to use the Math Makes Sense textbooks throughout my schooling, and the textbook was designed to help students who weren’t necessarily mathematical thinkers understand math and have all students be able to see themselves reflected through the course that was being taught. Instead this textbook lost most of the students and their even slight mathematical intrest because the problems became wordy and difficult to understand, so now even the students like me who loved math were lost and confused. I used to finish my assignments so fast that the teachers would get me to help my peers that were struggling with the class, and I loved going this because i was able to explain in various different ways and ways that made sense to my peers what was going on while still getting them to answer the textbook questions.

Inuit Math challenges Eurocentric ideas:
-the basic idea of 2+2=4
Like i mentioned in one of my last blogs, not all cultures see 2+2=4 it’s like the playdough idea again, 2 balls of playdough+ 2 balls of playdough mashed together may just equal 1.
-Not all words have the same meaning across all cultures
there were many examples of this given in reading, where there are two words for triangle each giving varying definitions
-There doesn’t need to be a pictorial way of representing a number to mean that the number exists


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