Treaty’s as we see them

Through TreatyEdCamp I learned a lot about the benefits of using tools such as the Blanket Exercise, Elders, and even changing the ways in view math. One of the speakers gave the example of “1+1=2, but what if we use a chain link toy, then 1pile+1pile=many, how about modeling clay, 1 ball+ 1 ball= 1 ball.” what we see as known facts aren’t necessarily the facts that other cultures see those facts. This really stuck with me, because it really illistrates the views that we impose on those around us. In many classrooms we would call 1+1=1 wrong because thats not what we have accepted as fact, but aren’t the students ideas that they are showing us still correct?

The purpose of teaching Treaty Ed when there are little to no FIrst Nations students, is that it provides cultural awareness and gives students the oppertunity to understand what it means to be a Treaty Person. Jus tbecause you see your community as soley settlers doesn’t mean that the Treaty’s have no impact on you; in fact I’d say the opposite. There are no First Nation’s people in your area because of the forced movement that was made when Treaty’s were put into place, therefore they have all left and are now living on the reserves. Treaty Education is important for all people to understand, and from my experiences it is not taught well in schools; creating a bigger bias toward First Nation’s peoples.

“We are all treaty people” is a packed statement to me because there are so many different things that it could mean. To me it means that I NEED to know how Treaty’s so that I can help uphold and share my knowledge of Treaty’s with those around me. But what does that mean if I can’t answer a students questions in the future? What if I can’t answer my own questions?


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