Curriculum, Teaching and it’s Development

How do I think school curricula is developed?

I believe that school curriculum is somethng that a group of adults, typically from the Ministry, sit down and try to determine what students need to learn to be deemed successful in the “real” world. I have come to the idea that typically these government selected officals are so far removed from what teaching is like that they are don’t know what should be in the curriculum because they don’t realize how rapidly society is evolving when they are trapped in their little bubble. Hence, why the Ministry thinks that cutting funding to education is a good idea (how are teachers supposed to do anything when they can’t even have a job that pays them for the amount of work that they do in day).

How are school curricula developed and implemented? New perspectives? Surprises?

School curricula is developed and implemented by “professional” of the subject in conjunction with the government officials that are in power at that time. They sit with knowledgeable teachers to determine if changes are necessary and if so how they should be applied. Often because it is the master of the subject that is forming the curriculum the content is too complicated of teachers who only have the minimum knowledge to understand and therefore teach to the students that must know and be skilled in by the end of the semester.
New perspectives…I didn’t realize how little the government believe that we (the public) don’t understand about the ways in which they function. It is almost like the government thinks that we are completely ignorant to the ways in which they run a act to get things done despite the fact they are constantly being opposed.
Surprise….there is a substantial debate about if people think that formal education benefits people. Maybe that’s why they cut our funding and so many teachers can’t do anything without being ridiculed. In others classes I’ve taken at the University the professor gets angry about something that a teacher did in their child’s class, and I calmly sit there and try not to explode as they accuse all teachers of being that way.

Rant closed. For now.


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