How GOOD is the good student?

A good student is often considered to be one that can memorize and repeat back definations for the sole purpose of passing an exam and moving into the next level of studies. A good student is rarely considered one that can come to a conclusion and solution on their own without the teacher just giving them the answer.
Kumashiro’s defination of a good student privilages those students that are able to learn in the was the which the teacher is teaching. THerefore allowing those students to understand and move forward in their education. WHere as the the children who do not understand the first time are left behind and are unable to successfully get themselves to move forward, causing them to fall more and more behind each class.
Through Kumashiro’s defination is is impossible to see the abalities that all students bring into a class, because every individual has a skill that allows them to learn and succeed. So when ideas are only taught one way it becomes impossible to see the ways in which the child who doesn’t learn according to the teachers standards might be able to learn. For example a child that has always followed instructions and was a verbal learner would be successful in the classroom, but the child who lives in poverty and has never been told what to do would struggle in a verbally taught classroom.
My closing question, why do we consider the ideals of Kumashiro if we know that they only allow for a certian type of learner to flourish?


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