Maria Montessori Quote

“We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops in the human being.”

Through this quote is makes possible… to see the student as an independent learner that is capable of highlighting their own abilities and knowing their skills as an individual. This quote makes learning into a natural process that all people have, because humans are naturally curious and have a desire to know more thus educating themselves.

While the quote also make it impossible to… see teachers as requirement within our society. This quote makes it seem like teachers are unnecessary to gain an education, and while teachers aren’t a necessity to learn and grow as an individual teachers do have a vast repertoire of skills that can benefit the learning process of the individual. Teachers provide a guideline and starting point that is helpful to the student so that they don’t get lost in the mountain that is knowledge to be learned.

In terms of the teacher…the quote infers that they are merely a tool to guide the student to an understanding.  Which while isn’t totally unnecessary doesn’t always help the student, sometimes teachers create more confusion in the students understanding then they do clarity.

The quote makes the student seem curious by nature, so they have all the tools necessary to come to a reasonable and thoughtful understanding by themselves. The quote makes the student into a completely independent creature, but it’s often in our stubborn independence that we find our failure. So we have to recognize that it is in the students benefit to know when they need to recognize that they need to seek help sometimes too.

My understanding of curriculum and school… varies from the quote in the sense that the curriculum has very little built into it to allow for students to grow that “natural process” to become an educated individual. Schools are slowly changing to get away from the teacher being the educator and the student being the taught at, but it is a slow change.


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