ECS 210:The Common Sense (Raeann)

Kumashiro defines common sense as the little parts of life that we seem to take for granted because everyone simply understands them. These are things like flushing the toilet after use, turning the lights off when you leave an empty room, or in the case of Nepal the water source that had many purposes throughout the day.

It is important to pay attention to the ‘common-sense’ because it tells you something about the culture and makes you aware of the ways in which society has allowed oppression and other things to be okay. For example it is okay in Nepal to hit a child because they got an answer wrong, this is something that is never okay in North American culture. Bringing an outsider into a your common sense forces you to look at what you view as a common sense differently because they don’t see things the same way you do and are often able to show you new ways of doing something that can help remove some of the oppression that is implied through your common sense. That is what the Peace Corp. is trying to do with the teachers in Nepal, help them to learn different ways of teaching that empower the children to be engaged in their learning.


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