Disabilities (Raeann)

Three things I learned
-That it is very common for people to have fears of talking to or dealing with people that have disabalities. Although this might be getting less common it is still something that we all struggle with.
-That things that might seem like minor issues to me (a three inch ledge) can be a brick wall barrier to those who have disabilities. To me this might be minor but it really isn’t when you don’t have an option, but they can’t change who they are to get over that wall, so we have to change so that they can be accepted in our society.
-That being aware to those around us who might need help is vital to making everyone feel like they belong and deserve to be there, because there is no reason why they shouldn’t feel included. If it means holding the door for anybody, or having a conversation with another person just to talk, it all makes a difference in how they feel in their daily lives.
Two things I found Interesting
-That Samuel’s community was able to include him so well. They were always accepting of him, and made him feel as though he belongs in all aspects of his life, in school, sports, and even extra curricular activities.
-That people would actually talk to adults with disabilities like children. To me that isn’t right, if you are an adult you should be treated as such. In my volunteering, all the people i work with are older then me and I would never consider treating them any younger then I am, they deserve to be treated as adults and that is how I will treat them.
One Question that I still have
-How do we go about including everyone in our classrooms? How do we influence our other students to treat everyone as fairly?


One Reply to “Disabilities (Raeann)”

  1. Hi Raeann,
    Great post! Your questions really got me thinking! I think we can include everyone in our classrooms by teaching using different methods such as: using manipulative, visuals, games and the spoken language. All students are different and learn in different ways. We can also provide students with what they need to succeed whether that is flexible seating, an educational assistant to give them a little extra help, altering assignments to meet their needs, providing brain breaks, providing stress balls or anything else that would help the students learn in a positive way. As for your question regarding influencing students to treat everyone fairly, I believe this can be done through education. Starting in Pre Kindergarten we need to be reading books to our students about being nice to everyone and accepting differences. We need to carry out that lesson in every grade and never lose sight of it. We can teach that same lesson in many ways that are age and developmentally appropriate. We also need to practice what we preach by treating all of our peers with respect because students do mimic and learn from what they see.


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