“Smear the Queer” Raeann

Three things I learned

  • That even in a society that you would think is progressive and exposed to LGBTQ+ issues there are still major problems within the society that prevent LGBTQ+ issues from being taught and normalized. Places like California still struggle with teaching acceptance to those who are LGBTQ+, so it makes sense that small town conservative Saskatchewan would struggle too.
  • Inclusivity is something that we think can be attained for all individuals, but while we can try as teachers we wont ever get all people because there is no way that we could know what someone is going through if they aren’t tell us that a problem exists in their lives that we can help with.
  • 30% of all youth suicides are committed by LGBTQ+ youth. This is scary…why don’t they deserve the help that everyone else gets, or feel that they don’t deserve it.

Two things I’ve connected to

  • Othering. In all of my schooling my friends were the other “losers” who also didn’t have friends, we got stuck together because no one else wanted us. So to an extent I understand what it feels like to be othered. I remember sitting by myself at recess because the girls would shun me and the boys would put me at the bottom of the pile, literally.
  • Teaching must involve the incorporation of all people. Not just straight white people, but coloured LGBTQ people as well. By giving LGBTQ students a place to see themselves in the curriculum they are able to connect to the curriculum and make them feel as though they belong in the school.

One Question I Still have

How do I deal with the repercussions of Queerifing my teaching? I cant control what a student is going to take away from the lesson, so how do I deal with the way that families react to the ways which I am teaching to involve all the people in my classroom?


3 Replies to ““Smear the Queer” Raeann”

  1. Hi Raeann,
    You have an excellent point with your question. You don’t have the power to control what others think, or what your students will take away from your classes. But, you do have the power to inform the students the best you can, and be the best you can be. One of my mom’s many motto’s is ‘be true to yourself’, when we hold on to this philosophy, we can face difficult questions and difficult situations with truth and honesty.


  2. I think that although we cannot control how anyone will take what you are teaching, I think that what we need to remember is that if someone disagrees with it, they often just don’t know and are therefore ignorant about it. So what we, as future teachers, can do, is educate others and hope that it helps.


  3. Hi Raeann,

    I also commented on how high the percentage of youth suicides were done by LGBTQ youth. 30% is a very high percent, I believe that this percentage was for 1996. Do you think that the percentage of LGBTQ youth suicides are still that high?


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