Teachers, Admin, and The School System

Three things I learned

  • That the supply and demand of teachers is largely dependant on what the provincial budget for education looks like, if the budget gets cut typically some fewer positions will be available to those who seek employment.
  • Charismatic authority, the authority that is displayed through your personal characteristics. Now that I’m actually thinking about it, it makes lots of sense, and children are so good at knowing your boundaries even before you share them, they know what you will let them get away with.
  • That teachers are often evaluated to improve their teaching and to fix problems that might have occurred during their teaching practices.

Two things I found interesting

  • Most schools don’t have any way for teachers to learn from each other, they are simply left to “sink or swim.” In the school I graduated from at the time of my graduation (2016) the teachers hardly worked together or seen each other if they didn’t want to, but in the next year my sister began to tell me more about how one teacher was working with another so that the students could practice more skills in both classes to enhance their learning.
  • That although much of the student population is composed immigrants, Aboriginal people and minorities, the teacher population doesn’t reflect that at all. I feel that when hiring you should consider what your student population looks like and if your students are being represented in the staffing of the schools.

One question I still have

  • How is it determined if a teacher is to lose their job? Be it due to in class issues or budget cuts passed down through the government. Is there a reason that a school would keep 5 trained English teachers but release the only trained math teacher?

One Reply to “Teachers, Admin, and The School System”

  1. I think it all depends on the situation when it comes to teachers losing their job. if the math teacher wasn’t following the curriculum or maybe had an incident in the class with a student it would make sense that the math teacher would be let go, even if there weren’t any other math teachers.


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