Three things I learned

  1. The definition of profession, which is an essential service that is held in high regard by the society at large. I have never considered what profession means, to me it was always just a way of referring to your job. But when they talked about how some people don’t consider teaching a profession, I was floored, because isn’t teaching an important job?
  2. That Provincial Teacher’s organizations don’t actually revoke teaching certificates, its the Ministry of Education that does. I never really thought about this before.
  3. That teachers deal with far more then I had previously considered, not only the work that comes along with teaching but the emotions and changes in their life.  They are changing just as the students around them are changing, but as a student you don’t notice that your teacher is changing because you don’t think of their emotions when the teachers are helping you to deal with your own emotions.

Two things I found Interesting

  1. That some people don’t consider teaching a profession. I mean times have changed since this book was written, but they haven’t changed that much. Every so often I get the “those who can’t, teach” response when I tell someone that I am going to be a teacher, why wouldn’t I be a teacher, its a passion! If you want to say that its not a profession you should first look at all the regulations and things that teachers have to do simply to remain a teacher, never mind become one. This is a pet-peeve of mine, sorry for the rant.
  2. That even people who know that they are going to be a teacher find it difficult to separate themselves from the learner and teacher, so that they can become the teacher that they are expected to be. It’s hard to know when to switch hats, so to speak. Teachers can wear so many hats in a day how do you know which one you should be wearing at which time, you simply have to guess and hope for the best.

One Question I Still Have

  1. How does a mindset change to include something new in the category of profession?

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