Philosophical Systems

Three things I’ve learned

  1. Idealism vs Realism vs Existentialism. Idealism is the idea that things are perfect and that learning so will help the future. Realism develops abstract concepts. While existentialism is taking responsibility for one’s actions. Each one is slightly different but they all build off of a similar idea to create a new ideal to fit into.
  2. That perennialists believe that all education should be the same for everyone. They believe that justice and education are universal and unchanging, and should be learned through classic texts. Learning through the classics isn’t always easy but they do have many great ideologies that we forget in our busy society.
  3. That there are a LOT of “ism’s in philosophical systems, so many in fact that it is hard to remember and distinguish one from another. So many isms, I don’t think that even writing them down will help me to keep them straight because they build off one another, getting more and more complex.

Two things I connected to

  1. That all people are stuck in their ways of thinking, and have to have their ideas challenged to develop new ones. Thinking about what I thought I knew about certain topics was greatly changed when I came out of the cave and allowed my not so perfect thoughts to be altered and even recreated.  And I feel that every person is like this in some aspect of their lives, but many people don’t want to know what they don’t know and they don’t want their perfect idea to be changed so they refuse to learn that anything could possibly be different from what they know.
  2. Being a childcare provider I understand that is it hard to practice what you believe you are as an educator. But at the same time it is difficult to be just one thing. Saying that you are something doesn’t mean that you have to remain that for the rest of your life or even the rest of your day, because as people we are evolving each minute of the day.

One question I still have

  1. How do I as a teacher determine what my educational philosophy is? Is it possible to have an idea now but have it change even six months down the road?

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