Campus For All (Raeann)

Three things I’ve learned

  • I’ve learned new ways to engage all types of people within a classroom so that they can feel as though they are part of the group. Things like being very open and totally honest with the person that you are working with.
  • That being enthusiastic about whatever you are learning leads to better across the board. I’ve found that if I show the people that I am working with that I am passionate about what we are doing, they are more likely to open up and contribute more to what we are doing, especially when they are shy.
  • That just because you have a disability doesn’t mean that you are incapable of doing a task, it doesn’t define who you are. Both of the individuals that I am working with are amazing, they both want to learn and are willing to share their feelings with me so that we can better their learning and experiences.

Two connections I’ve made

  • That these people are a lot like young people. They want to better themselves so that they can gain independence to become people who can help to better society.
  • That this program is as unique as the individuals that are in it. Each student chooses a class that they want to audit, and then receives modified assignments from the professor so that they are able to complete it, once submitted that student receives feedback so that they know ways to improve for next time.

One question I still have

Are there other universities that have programs like this? If not, why not?

Additional Thoughts

After meeting with the coordinators for Campus For All I was super excited to start working with them because I have never really had any experience working with people that have disabilities, and I know that this will be valuable when I am teacher because I’ll have developed some skill set. Everyone that I have met thus far has been amazing, and super kind hearted! I’m thrilled that I got this placement and have been able to work with these people! To be totally honest this wasn’t even one of my top five placements, but after struggling with another group I am so thankful that I was able to make a change that could benefit me in such ways! Campus for All is an amazing group and I am so blessed to be working with them!


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