Learning and Motivation (Raeann)

Three things I learned

  • That there is such a diverse range of outcomes that can result from learning through observation.
  • The differences between self-efficacy, self-concept and self-esteem. While they might fall under the same umbrella of ideas they do vary and result in different outcomes when combined at different ratios.
  • Self-Regulated learning is important to young people but is often hard to complete, because you have to have an attention span or a great interest to focus on a task before it can be completed.

Two things I found interesting

  • I found the two versions of motivation to be interesting, because I had never considered the idea that motivation could be split. I always thought that you were motivated to complete a task or you didn’t. I never considered that there could be factors influencing you to do a task.
  • It was neat to think of the ways that you might be influencing the learning of another person based solely on your actions and how you complete things. To think that my actions model to children how to complete a task or teach them something, is awesome.

One question I still have

  • When mental illness is involved how are learning and motivation affected? Or are they? What about in people with disabilities?

One Reply to “Learning and Motivation (Raeann)”

  1. I agree with your point about self-regulated learning. People can often struggle when it comes to studying for a long period of time. I also found the two types of motivation interesting. Before reading this unit I always thought that motivation was caused by self-interest. That in order to be motivated to do something, a person had to actually want to do it. I did not even think to consider that a person would be motivated doing something just to achieve the goal and not for the experience.


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