The Memory and My Feelings on it (Raeann Weisbeck)

Three things I learned

  1. That there are two types of memory, explicit and implicit memories. One being conscious memories the other being unconscious memories, each gets broken into smaller pieces.
  2. Mnemonics. I didn’t know that there was a word that could be used to describe techniques of remembering. This is neat, although the word is something that I find hard to remember.
  3. Lastly, I learned how the long-term memory and working memory work together to process and retain much of the information that we learn daily.

Two things I found interesting

  1. The way that they explained the long term memory to be like a cabinet. I like this because I have always thought of my brain as a filing cabinet, where something goes to track down the information that I need at a given time.
  2. I found it interesting that parenting styles could so drastically affect the development of an individual. But it makes sense when you start to think about the reasons and see correlations between your own behaviours and the ways that your parents raised you.

One question I still have

  1. how is it that we can know so much about the memory and the ways in which it works, but still have so little understanding about the way the brain functions and how behaviours are created in an individual?

3 Replies to “The Memory and My Feelings on it (Raeann Weisbeck)”

  1. regarding your question, I believe that there are so many outside factors to the way we develop our brains that it is impossible to understand how each brain understands certain situations because everyone will come to a conclusion a different way.


  2. Raeann, I like the connection you made about the comparison of the brain and a filing cabinet. It’s a great way to explain how different memories and concepts are stored in different parts of the brain. I will have to remember that analogy.


  3. Hi Raeann, I too found the parenting styles topic interesting. I found it interesting that parenting styles and outcomes could differ so much because of numerous factors like parts of city they reside in or cultural background.


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