3-2-1 GO

I learned about concepts such as Experience Expectant vs. Experience Dependant. Where it is almost what it sound like but it works through the synapses and neurons in your brain when you are developing, particularly as children.

Another concept that I learned about was the ways in which tools influence the development of children within a society. Tools such as language work to shape the ways in which a child comes to understand certain concepts in a society. While tools such as shovels and arrows cause child to develop a skill set that allows them to become a valued member in society, because they have taken interest and been taught so they could gain the skill from someone more knowledgeable then they are.

The third thing I learned was about resilient classrooms. Resilient classrooms do not make resilient students, and resilient students do not make resilient classrooms. But Resilient classrooms do foster relationships and self-agency, which are valuable in development.

One idea that caught my interest was the sensitive period, because I feel that all people regardless of their stage in development go through many sensitive periods in their life.

Another idea that struck me was Private Speech. I still find that I will talk myself through things when they are difficult, and I know many children that do the same, so it makes sense that young children would begin to do this so that they might find a way through the situation.

While I understand that all children develop in different stages, why can’t theories of psychology be scientifically proven?


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